Ruth & Joanna

Ruth & Joanna // Fiona Ottoman Brass Redwine

CHF 899.00

This art deco ottoman combines exclusive materials and a modern silhouette that makes it feel up to date. This beautiful piece has a velvet-covered cushion that is available in four colors and a frame in brass.

Ruth & Joanna was founded in 2012 by Susanne Lundberg with a vision of bringing some glam and elegance to the interior scene of Scandinavia. Ruth and Joanna are the names of her two grandmothers and is a celebration of their own unique style and attitudes. Ruth, who was born and raised in the north of Sweden, symbolizes the minimalistic Scandinavian side of the brand and Joanna, who comes from Ukraine, stands for the more maximalistic philosphy.

All pieces are designed by Susanne and her aim is that all pieces should have an elegant and classic design which now is the very essence of the brand. Almost all pieces are named after people she has met or places she has been to during the existence of the brand.

Products Details:

  • Measurements: W 56 cm, H 38,5 cm, D 40 cm
  • Material: Steel, polished brass finish, velvet fabric

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