Santa & Cole

Santa & Cole // Cesta

CHF 568.00

This enchanting, handcrafted lamp has been shaped using traditional steam bending techniques and is delicately polished and sturdily put together. It consists of a subtle cherry wood structure that holds an opal-shaped glass shade. Cesta is an excellent object and lamp, perfect for placing on a tabletop or resting on the floor, and the light can be dimmed according to preference.

The small version, La Cestita, can house an opal-shaped globe and a white plastic one (that is more child resistant). Accordingly, it is offered at a sensibly more affordable price and maintains its firm structural simplicity, ideal for nomadic or child-centred settings.

Miguel Milá represents like no other person Spanish contemporary design. He belongs to the pioneer's generation of the 50s, and has seen how many of his pieces of furniture and lamps have become real classics.

  • Designed by Miguel Milá, Barcelona 1962
  • Cesta (big version): Ø33 cm x 57 cm heigh
  • Cestita (small version): Ø22 cm x 36 cm heigh 


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