Astier de Villatte

ASTIER DE VILLATTE // Alexandre Medium Pot

CHF 178.00

The Alexandre medium Pot from Astier de Villatte is a testament to the Parisian brand’s spiritual ethos.

Votary of pre-industrial fabrication, Astier de Villatte is celebrated for being the one and only studio in Paris to hold and harbour the traditions of artisanal ceramic production. Restoring the ancestral systems of moulding and stamping, the Alexandre medium pot is made using techniques from the Middle Ages which involve moulding a sheet of handmade clay, double firing the ‘biscuit’ piece and glazing the product in white enamel – a lengthy process that requires a drying time of up to one month. Characterised by a dotted rim, the medium vase is engraved with the brand’s signature crest - depicting an interlacing A & V - alongside the initials of one of the 40 master artisans who created it. Each handmade piece tells a beautiful story, it romances and imparts a sense of nostalgia into its owner. Arrange with other plates in the collection to breathe an air of authenticity into your home collection.

Artisanal production gives each ceramic object a unique aspect, meaning products may slightly vary.

  • Handmade ceramic from Paris
  • Made of black terracotta clay and glazed in milky white
  • Height: 13cm
  • Diameter: 13cm

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